Dr. Marc Helsinger

Dr. Helsinger has over 35 years of experience in management and technical positions with major oil companies, as well as large and small independents. He is a recognized expert in the specialized evaluation techniques of Seismic Stratigraphy and Geomorphology coordinated with multivariate attribute analysis. This technique provides a critical competitive advantage to standard geophysical analysis.

He has a successful track record in using these techniques to delineate new prospects, trends and plays that have gone unrecognized by the oil industry, to include being instrumental in discovering over 1 TCF of gas onshore Texas.

Dr. Helsinger has generated and developed over 100 projects offshore Louisiana with a major impact in discoveries in West Cameron and Green Canyon, in addition to developing substantial onshore Texas exploration programs. He is an expert in the use of state of art 3‐D computer enhanced interpretation and visualization methods. He has presented technical seminars on SeismicStratigraphy,Geomorphology and Electromagnetics to corporations and major geological societies. He has worked for Amoco Production Company, Anadarko, Louisiana Land and Exploration, Samson and Burlington Resources.

He holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Stratigraphy with specialization in depositional systems from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a B.S in Geological Oceanography from City College of New York. In 1999, he formed Dynamic GeoVentures LLC to develop new plays in the Texas Gulf Coast. Dr. Helsinger was Exploration Manager for Hamman Oil an independent oil company from 2001 – 2008. Since then he has been Executive Vice President of Exploration and Business Development for Focus Exploration and was instrumental in obtaining over 17 Federal offshore leases for Focus Exploration in 2009.

Dr. Helsinger is an AAPG Certified Geologist, a SIPES Certified Geologist and a State of Texas Certified Professional Geoscientist, He is also a former National Science Foundation Fellow and a National Defense Fellow.

Dr. Helsinger specializes in the following services:
Prospect Generation and Prospect Evauation
• Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis
• Multivariate Attribute Analysis
• Risk Mitigation
• Proprietary Seismic reprocessing
• Reservoir Analysis
• High Resolution Biostratigraphy

Dr. Helsinger is also a member of the following organizations with associated certifications:
• American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Certified Geologist #2547)
(Associate Editor of AAPG Journal)
• Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists
• Houston Geological Society
• Geophysical Society of Houston
• Houston Association of Chief Geologists
• Houston Producers Forum
• Onshore Exploration Independents
• State of Texas Professional Geoscientist Certification # 5124
• Acquisition and Divestiture and Mergers (ADAM) Houston
• Oil Council
• World Affairs Council