Technical Consulting

Dynamic GeoVentures generates and evaluates prospects, with the primary goal of minimizing risk and maximizing return.

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Sourcing Projects And Funding

Vast professional network allows us to provide continuous deal flow and funding sources.

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Business Advisory

We can provide assistance with sales and marketing with a multitude of projects.

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 Our Mission

To provide our clients with a significant competitive advantage through the use of Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis and Seismic Geomorphology (SSA) combined with Multivariate Attribute Analysis leading to enhanced risk reduction

Seismic Stratigraphy and Geomorphology play a critical role in the complete integration and evaluation of exploration and development projects. Seismic stratigraphic analysis is not sufficiently utilized. Such analysis combined with multivariate attribute analysis leads to better delineation of depositional environments, reservoir geometry,reservoir quality and potential porosity trends. There is major untapped potential with substantial reserves onshore and offshore Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast that have gone unrecognized as a result of a lack of a completely integrated analysis. In addition joint ventures and strategic alliances have been formed with companies that have strategic seismic data bases and proprietary state of the art seismic reprocessing techniques, enhancing 3-D data sets ,creating new opportunities in established trends as well as old fields. Companies should try to focus their capital and energy where they have a competitive advantage. In addition less than 5% of all wells drilled in the last 50 years have been to depths greater than 15000 feet. At these depths the use of seismic stratigraphy and proprietary processing is critical to finding prospects that the industry has not recognized.